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The book parallels the lifecycle of a butterfly with the cycles of change and transformation that everyone has to go through in order to achieve lasting transformation. It is a personal story of reconciliation for Rae. Detailing how she navigated through life’s cycles and overcame numerous struggles to complete a personal transformation of mind, body, and spirit. After surviving various types of trauma from childhood abuse up through adulthood and successfully losing over 200 pounds. She still grappled with being able to overcome her self-image issues.

However, once she was able to identify her truth, she successfully transformed her mindset from negative to positive. In her truth she not only learned how to maintain the weight loss, she was able to identify her passion and find her Butterfly Potential

Journey to Find Your Butterfly Potential

SKU: ISBN: 9780983947271
  • Paperback Book

    8.5in x 5.5in

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