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Jenna thought she had found the man from her dreams the night she met Tony. As it turns out, Tony was nothing more than a figment of Jenna’s imagination. He was, all of what she made him in her head and nothing of what she needed in real life, but it wasn’t all his fault.

She learned a lot through the Love Miscarriage, and this time, she has vowed to do it differently.

Jenna is finally taking back control of her life and her search for love. She knows exactly what she wants, and she’s perfected the job description that will manifest the right man for the job.


What do you do when you meet the love of your life and without notice, he walks out of your life with no goodbye and no explanation? How do you pick up the pieces of your broken heart when love dies too soon?

Follow Jenna as she journals her way from the highest of highs to the deepest, darkest of lows after Tony walks out on his birthday, saying he'll be right back but instead he disappears without a word. 


Healing By Design is a companion thought guide created to accompany the book Love Miscarriage.

In Love Miscarriage you are given a glimpse inside the personal journal of Jenna ash she meets Tony Leo, the man from her dreams and falls instantly and hopelessly in love. However, Tony it seems had different plans as he abruptly leaves Jenna sitting in a restaurant after a show and walks out of her life without even saying good-bye. 

This healing guide may be used to motivate you to tak a deeper dive into not only Jenna and Tony, but your own thoughts and fears. Healing by Design provides a road map for your journey to connect with and dissect your own feeling and beliefs as they relate to subjects such as:

Relationships, Love, Loss, Trust and Self-Esteem. 

This guide is also a great tool to use to stimulate thought provoking discussions within book clubs and social groups. 

The Power of Fifty

This book is a compilation of 50 short stories, as told by the various authors in their own words. Each story represents the tenacity and resilience embodied by women. This book is a great read for anyone male or female, who may be going through challenging times. These stories cover a variety of human issues such as addiction, molestation, domestic violence, adoption etc. 

The authors transparently share their truths to encourage and inspire the young women who come behind us and to those who have gone before us as a reminder that age has no bearing on your abilities.

making a safe exit

DISCLAIMER This book is intended to be used as a practical guidance tool to provide points of consideration to individuals who desire to leave an abusive relationship or for those wishing to help loved ones experiencing abuse. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE VIEWED AS OR REPLACE LEGAL ADVICE.

This book focuses on providing you with some points of consideration as you begin to formulate your exit strategy. The information, tools and resources contained in here are provided to give you an advantage and allow you to have a head start so that you can successfully leave the situation in a way that protects you as well as your friends and family who are attempting to support your exit. This book was created TO SAVE LIVES.

surviving the rain to find the rainbow

Being in an abusive relationship resembles an untamed, raging, seemingly never-ending storm. One made of manipulation, intimidation, and violence. Interspersed are moments of eerie calm that you know won’t last, but you are grateful for when they come

Abusive relationships come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Abuse does not discriminate. Maybe, you aren’t quite sure if you are in an abusive relationship, but something just feels off. This book will guide you through the process of identifying the various types of domestic assaults and give you an opportunity to determine if you are begin abused. Whether you are currently in an abusive relationship or have been in the past this book will teach you how to make new personal investments that will yield better results. It will lay out the action steps you need to accept it, address it, and recover from it.

The good news is, the storm doesn’t have to last forever. This book will show you how to survive the R.A.I.N to find the Rainbow.

journey to find your
butterfly potential

The book parallels the lifecycle of a butterfly with the cycles of change and transformation that everyone has to go through in order to achieve lasting transformation. It is a personal story of reconciliation for Rae. Detailing how she navigated through life’s cycles and overcame numerous struggles to complete a personal transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

After surviving various types of trauma from childhood abuse up through adulthood and successfully losing over 200 pounds. She still grappled with being able to overcome her self-image issues.

However, once she was able to identify her truth, she successfully transformed her mindset from negative to positive. In her truth she not only learned how to maintain the weight loss, she was able to identify her passion and find her Butterfly Potential

journey II._edited.png
Leverage Leader

Leverage the Leader in YOU

Brought to you by Sustainable Life Change Institute

of America as part of their Leadership for Life Learning Series.

This book demonstrates reality-based approaches that individuals can utilize as part of their success strategy. The 4 principles of BEING that are shared in this book are applicable to every person in every position. They can be used by employees starting their first job, individuals desiring to grow within a company or transition careers as well as entrepreneurs who are working to build business and a brand. 

secret sauce cover.png

Write Your Book NOW

30 Day Book Writing Blueprint to take your book idea from Concept to Completion.


Here is the sauce...

This is an outline of the formula I successfully used with all of my author coaching clients and that I have personally used to write numerous best-selling books, workbooks, and program curriculums. 

Warning... you still have to write the book! 

my life faith journal.png

My Life, My Faith, My Choices

30 Day Book Writing Blueprint to take your book idea from Concept to Completion.


Here is the sauce...

This is an outline of the formula I successfully used with all of my author coaching clients and that I have personally used to write numerous best-selling books, workbooks, and program curriculums. 

Warning... you still have to write the book! 

Inspirational Journal

Challenge Journal.PNG

Challenge To Change

Proactive Living and Self-Mastery are fundamental pillars of the Challenge to Change Curriculum for Sustainable Life Change. 

This 52-week journal is the perfect tool for strategic goal setting and self-accountability. 

It guides you through the setting and tracking your progress as well as the process of assessing the things that are working well and identification of areas of improvement. 

52-Week Goal Mastery Journal

coloring book

Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring mandalas is a form of art therapy meant to aid in stress relief and serves to increase focus while exercising the brain and allowing you to freely express your creativity.

According to renowned Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, "Coloring mandalas allows the brain to enter a peaceful state and to be focused on filling in the geometrical shapes instead of thinking about their worries.”

Use this coloring book along your journey whenever you find yourself needing to mentally escape or emotionally reset. More importantly, enjoy the journey to change.

For Adults

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