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If you are ready to take your next event or training to the next level let's connect. Specializing in reality-based speaking and training in the areas of:

  • Life Change Management

  • Domestic Violence Prevention

  • Substance Use Recovery

  • Leadership Development

  • Proactive Living & Self-Mastery

  • Relationship Red Flags for Women and Girls


Dr. Marci empowers her audiences to reclaim their power through her unique blend of information and inspiration. She takes audiences on a journey through truth using her own personal vulnerabilities and life challenges as the backdrop to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that transformation and change are not only possible, but they are sustainable.  

If you have an upcoming event or retreat, and are looking for a speaker that your audiences will both benefit from and rave about afterwards we'd love to explore some speaking options with you. Every speaking engagement is customized to the specific goals and objectives of your event. 

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Dr. Marci Training


Insightful, Engaging, Inspirational, Powerful....

Those are just a few of the words individuals have used to express their overall feelings after attending a workshop, corporate training, or recovery group facilitated by Dr. Marci. She pours into her participants with an incomparable level of honesty and vulnerability. Training is not based on textbooks, and theory but on real-life, real-world experience. She uses a combination of cognitive therapy tools, behavioral modification skills and peer support to break down concepts in a way that allows participants to act on them and fulfill their individual potential. 

If you would like to explore some of our existing programs or discuss your specific training needs, we would love to hear from you.  


Leadership Development

Everyone with a leadership title is not a leader.  Leadership goes where you are because it is who you are. Learn how to lead like a leader, not like a boss.

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Substance Abuse Recovery

Learn the how to implement my 5-step formula for clean living and staying sober for life. The best part is, you already have the tools you just need to know how to activate them.

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Domestic Violence Prevention

Turning Reality Upsidedown for Transformation & Healing. Be moved and motivated to reclaim your independence and take back the control over your life that was stolen by abuse and trauma.

Contact us now to learn more about training options or to schedule a keynote for your next event.

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