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America's #1 Life Change Architect

Specializing in Domestic Violence Prevention & Substance Abuse Recovery

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Short Bio

Dr. Marci is President of Sustainable Life Change Institute of America & Founder of Nine Seconds Corporation. She is a CBT Certified Life Coach, Qualified Addiction Professional, best-selling author, and award-winning speaker with over 30 years of Senior level leadership & training experience. After a decade of work in Applied Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Social Entrepreneurship, she’s developed an innovative, person-centered approach to physical and substance abuse prevention and trauma recovery.

She’s a 3X People’s Choice Award winner, 2021 Recipient of iChange Nation’s Healthy Competition Award, and Podcast Host whose work has transformed the lives of over 100,000 men & women globally.

Full Bio

Dr. Marci is President and CEO of Sustainable Life Change Institute of America with over 30 years of senior level management, behavioral modification, curriculum development and training experience.

She is a CBT Certified Life Coaching Practitioner and Qualified Addiction Professional specializing in physical and substance abuse prevention, and trauma recovery through change management. Her work and research over the past decade have focused on applied psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy & social entrepreneurship which led to the development and publication of The Challenge to Change Method and Curriculum for Sustainable Life Change. The CTCM methodology takes change management beyond possible straight to sustainable.  

Her bold, yet relatable communication style, voluntary transparency, and unbridled vulnerability have inspired over 100,000 women and men around the world to reclaim authority over their lives and circumstances using the applied knowledge, proactive living, and self-mastery skills taught in her treatment programs, workshops, and keynote messages.


Her humanitarian commitment and dedication to women and children is well documented and long-standing.


She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Nine Seconds Corporation, an innovative nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic, intimate partner, and relational violence.

She served 10 years as a Youth Mentor for at risk and disadvantaged youth developing programs for kids to learn self-esteem, social etiquette, and financial literacy. Additionally, she and was appointed by the Arizona Superior Court and served 6 years as a child advocate on the Foster Care Review Board of Maricopa County ensuring that the cases of children and families placed in the foster care system continue to move forward toward a permanent resolution that is in the best interest of the child(ren). 

Additionally, she is a multi-best-selling author, with over 17 books and one screenplay in publication.


She is an award-winning speaker, recognized as a Top Speaker in Arizona for two consecutive years. 


She is also a 3X People’s Choice Award winner, 2021 Recipient of iChange Nation’s Healthy Competition Award, Podcast Host, and blogger. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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