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Independence Incubator Retreat

August 19-21, 2022

Scottsdale, AZ

This is your opportunity to get away and reclaim authority over your heart, recharge your healing, and reinvent your happiness.

Hosted by Dr. Marci Batiste,
America's #1 Reality-Based Success & Recovery Trainer

Dr. Marci Batiste is the CEO of MBH Global360 Consulting, setting the industry standard for Relational Abuse Prevention and best in class Cognitive Behavioral Change Training. Providing self-guided programs and instructor facilitated workshops to Corporations, Colleges, and Treatment Centers nationwide.

She’s also the Founder and Executive Director of Nine Seconds Corporation, an innovative nonprofit organization that fosters freedom for women who’ve experienced domestic violence or relational trauma by providing resources and training to secure their safety and success.

She’s a 3X award winning People’s Choice recipient, best-selling author, and international speaker, having transformed the lives of over 100,000 women globally.

Most people, rely on feelings,  to guide their choices only to find themselves frustrated, hurt, and emotionally exhausted when the outcome is not what they expected.


To reclaim authority over your Life, Time, and Happiness your mind must be stronger than your feelings.

You must take decisive actions based on reality, not emotion. We will invest 2 and a 1/2 days arming you with the tools you need to do exactly that. You will exit this oasis feeling energized, empowered, and equipped. 

Exclusive Oasis in the Desert

This 2 Day event will be held in a secret location, designed to remove you from outside distractions to focus 100% on your personal journey to reclaim authority over your independence. 

We will invest two full days together at a secluded Air B&B location in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. This is an all-inclusive event that includes lodging for Friday and Saturday night, all food, beverages, and training materials will be provided. The retreat is specifically crafted to provide a safe, supportive environment for women who are survivors of personal trauma to begin or continue their journey towards self-love, healing, and personal empowerment.  

Rest assured there will be plenty of time built-in for poolside lounging, tons of snacks, and plenty of girl talk.

Registration will open February 21, 2022

Drinks in the Garden

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