Virtual Mastermind Group

Stop trying to be do everything alone. Disconnect yourself from the struggle story and position yourself to not only achieve your goals, but to do so in less time.

Use the power of a mastermind group to achieve your personal and professional success objectives. Napoleon Hill once described a "Mastermind" as the harmonious coordination of 2 or more minds working toward a definite end. That definite end.... is your success! Fortunately achieving success can be as simple as 123......

We meet 1 time per month

Each meeting lasts for 2 hours

You will address 3 questions in each session

You will invest then next 4 weeks, working on the concepts, ideas, and implementation strategies that come from the meeting. 

Remember, you are not a lone wolf, success is a team sport. The gift of the mastermind is that everyone will be coming in at varying levels, with different backgrounds and life experiences. You will give, you will receive. and you will succeed!


Fear Factor - X
Mindset Mastery Program

Raising the Bar was by far my most highly rated and hugely successful group coaching workshop. FEAR FACTOR-X MINDSET MASTERY takes those tools adds some secret sauce and the result is a power-packed results-driven, reality-based group coaching program that will catapult your results to the next level of success where it matters most! Your mindset rules the actions you either take, or fail to take and therefore drive the results you see in every aspect of your life, relationships, and business. So how do you master your thoughts? You master your fears!

We will identify your Core Fear Factor. Determine how it is impacting your thoughts, choices and results and then discover how to lean into that fear and use those emotions as leverage to move you forward. In conjunction you will identify ONE SPECIFIC GOAL you would like to tackle in the next 6-12 months. Then we will invest the next 60 days as a group focused on mastering the mindset changes, shifting habits,  and developing a road map to achieving the goal.


As a bonus... you will walk away with a process that you can replicate time and time again to tackle new goals and overcome future obstacles. So what are you waiting for? 

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Write, Releash, Publish
Private Author Coaching Program

The biggest roadblock I had to writing my first book, was STARTING! I was so in my head about what I didn't know that I allowed it to overshadow what I did know, which was MY STORY!


My self talk told me.....

No one is going to read it, no one cares, my story is not that interesting.

Then the competing side of my self-talk was freaking out about what people would think about me, what they would say about me and how everyone else would feel if I told MY TRUTH about MY EXPERIENCES, with THEIR ACTIONS. And if that wasn't enough, I didn't have the first clue how to write or publish a book. I hated feeling unprepared. 

So if you are anything like me and you have a story in your head and you KNOW you should write a book... This ONE ON ONE private coaching program is for you. We will wall step by step through the writing process, releasing the manuscript and getting it published. 

If you commit, focus, and follow the blueprint for 120 days, when you are done, you will be a published author!

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