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Healing By Design is a companion thought guide created to accompany the book Love Miscarriage.

In Love Miscarriage you are given a glimpse inside the personal journal of Jenna ash she meets Tony Leo, the man from her dreams and falls instantly and hopelessly in love. However, Tony it seems had different plans as he abruptly leaves Jenna sitting in a restaurant after a show and walks out of her life without even saying good-bye.

This healing guide may be used to motivate you to take a deeper dive into not only Jenna and Tony, but your own thoughts and fears. Healing by Design provides a road map for your journey to connect with and dissect your own feeling and beliefs as they relate to subjects such as: Relationships, Love, Loss, Trust and Self-Esteem.


This guide is also a great tool to use to stimulate thought provoking discussions within book clubs and social groups.

Healing By Design

SKU: ISBN: 9781684197859
  • Paperback Book

    8.5in x 5.5in

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