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Saturday, January 26, 2022

  • Are you tired of saying I wish I had...?

  • Are you tired saying yes to everyone else but yourself?

  • Has lockdown left you feeling locked out and left out?

  • Are you determined to finally make 2022 YOUR YEAR?

  • Are you ready to manifest the life, relationships, or business of your dreams?

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There is an old biblical principal that states, without vision people perish.  Too many times we enter into a new job, a new relationship, or new season without having a vision of what we want that experience to be for us. We think about all that we need to do but seldom think about how it will get done. We may fantasize about what we WISH would happen but never set aside time to map out exactly what the vision is. 

In our first inaugural sip and plan event, we will set aside some time to do just that. 

1. We will relax and exhale in a fun, uplifting girls only space

2. We will debrief the last 12-24 months and talk about how lockdown, Covid and everything that came along with that has shifted our lives, relationships, and careers. 

3. We will discuss some actionable ways we can reclaim our minds, time, and freedom

4. Then we will lay it all out and create our 2022 Vision Boards. 

Grab your girls, let's all link up, have some wine, some girl talk, and put together a vision to kick the woulda, coulda, shouldas to the curb and manifest your WINNING SEASON!

The vino and board supplies will be provided

but feel free to bring any snacks, additional beverages, or supplies to spice up the energy

early bird registration thru 12/31/2021



after 12/31/2021


Table for 4 available thru 12/31/2021

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