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This is about one thing and one thing only!



While I will support you in the process, I am not your cheerleader. You will hire me to provide you with strategies and solutions to achieve your goals. You will be asked to submit to the process but understand that you are not in the trenches alone. Your success is a team effort and we are in it together. 


Whether you are trying to write a book, start a business, expand an existing business, or you simply need help processing life.  My objective is not the help you make little tweaks here and there. My goal is to help you overhaul how you experience your life, your relationships, your business, and your RESULTS!.

Unsure about which consulting solution is right for you or have some questions that we didn't cover here? Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to discuss your goals and needs. 

One on One Options 

Entrepreneurial Success Planning

Results-oriented, confidential, work that utilizes reality-based cognitive-behavioral and structural business changes to help entrepreneurs and executives restore harmony between their work life, home life, and love life. This is important because what you give your energy to is what grows within you and around you.


We will work together to identify ways to maximize your strengths to reach your personal and professional goals. You will learn strategies to streamline your thought and planning process while ending procrastination and freeing yourself from time bandits. Together we will develop your personal success equation. 

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Write Your Book Now 

Have you been saying you wanted to write your book but don't know where to start?


We will work together to birth your book. Beginning with a consultation to discuss your concept and then have one on one virtual meetings each week. I will personally walk you through the entire writing, production, and publishing process. In 120 days or less, you can go from concept to completion and walk away with your very first book in hand.


This training is a one-time investment in your success!  If you follow the protocols and do your part to write the book, you will walk away from this as a published author with the skills, tools, and contacts to complete future book projects on your own. 

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Creative Narration 

This program is for new and first-time authors. Writers who they know their story, but they don't know how to tell their story. If you have known for a long time that you want to write your story but are worried about how to tell it, I can help you.  


Creative Narration consulting is a supercharged one on one mastermind with laser focus on the helping you tell your story in a compelling and impactful way. Creative Narration coaching is extremely effective in assisting authors who are telling a story that is either deeply personal, highly charged, or graphic in nature. 


Basically, I help you connect the dots between what you know, what you want to tell, and what you want your reader to walk away with. 


Beginning with a consultation to discuss your concept and then have one on one virtual meetings each week, for up to 6 months. I will personally walk you through your creative writing process. We will work in tandem on the story development, production, and publishing. 

Passionate Pen (Ghostwriting)

Do you have your story mapped out in your mind? Can you visualize telling the story, but just don't have the time or patience it takes to sit down and write the book?


If you said yes, this is the solution for you.....  Hire a Ghostwriter! 

All you have to do is tell your story to me and I will write the book for you, in your own name. YOU will be the author and own all rights to the book and story. My ghostwriting services are completely confidential. No one will ever know you didn't personally sit down and write it unless you tell them. 

The all-inclusive program from start to finish takes about 6 months from start to completed book in hand.

It includes:

  • All Recorded interviews (you can multipurpose these recordings to use later and I'll show you how to do that as well.

  • Weekly calls until we have the story and then either bi-weekly or monthly during the writing process depending on how involved you want to be.

  • All the writing

  • ISBN registration

  • Completed Editing

  • Cover Design

  • Interior formatting

  • 25 printed copies of your book

and remember It's written and published in your name. As if you personally wrote it.


In 6 months or less, you will walk away from this as a published author. 

* Author Central profile and Amazon uploads, 3D cover files, Social Media promotion headers, and memes are available as ala' carte publishing options but not included with the Ghostwriting package.

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