If the pandemic has not done anything else it highlighted the importance of taking control of both our whole being. The better health you are in mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially the less stress you experience and the more resistant your body is to illness.  Whether you simply need some motivation, you're looking for ongoing accountability, a nutritional overhaul, or desire one-on-one partnership in the process, I have the resources available to support you on your personal journey to health and happiness.  

Wealth Coaching

COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL private one on one coaching to help you set the stage for financial freedom and support you through the process. Whether you need help with improving your credit, establishing a budget, saving, investing, or getting home purchase ready I am here to help.  Likewise, the better condition of your finances provides not only ACCESS  to better healthcare but it positions you to not have to choose between a paycheck and your self-care. Click CONTACT ME! and get started today!

Wellness Coaching

Results-oriented, confidential coaching that utilizes reality-based cognitive-behavioral changes to drastically improve how you experience life. In other words, we will work together to not only adapt how you think but alter what you think about.  This is important because what you give your energy to is what grows within you and around you.  I will help you eliminate toxic thoughts and end self-sabotaging behaviors, and confront your fears to develop a blueprint to launch your Custom Fitted Life.

Author Coaching

Have you been saying you wanted to write your book but don't know where to start?  

One-on-one weekly meetings are conducted virtually. This program will take you through the entire writing, production, and publishing process. In 90 days or less, you can go from concept to completion and walk away with your very first book in hand. This a one-time investment in your success!  You will walk away from a published author with the skills, tools, and contacts to complete future book projects on your own.