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CHALLENGE TO CHANGE  solves the mystery behind the age-old question that has plagued humans for centuries...


If We Know Better, Why Don't We Do Better?

For many it seems simple, because Change is Hard...
But the real reason that people struggle to make and maintain change goes far beyond change being hard. It can be hard and often it IS HARD. But it is also doable, manageable, and sustainable, when you tackle it with the right information. Understanding that the struggles you are having now, existed in most cases, long before you were born. They began inside of your Generational System, and until you understand it's innerworkings and do the work to reconstruct it, change will remain hard and continue to feel as though it sits just outside of your grasp.

Reconstruction of the Generational System


A Generational System is a set of pre-existing foundational beliefs and behaviors that are passed down from one generation to the next.

With each passing it mutates slightly in consideration of any new or additional environmental exposures (people, places, and experiences) during the cognitive learning period (CLP). The CLP is a period of concentrated developmental skill building. This is when children begin to learn things like motor skills, speech, language, self-expression, and problem solving. Simultaneously learning the intricacies of social and emotional cues, as well as behavior and boundary management. In other words, this is when you began to develop your moral compass. You learned how to determine good from bad, right from wrong, happy from sad, and danger from safe.

Unless it is disrupted or reconstructed, the Generational System that you conform to during your CLP will become the default response system that will direct your choices for your entire life. 

Challenge to Change addresses the root of your family dysfunction and by association your inability to make and/or sustain positive life changes. Using our 4 Step Reconstruction Formula you will confront and reconstruct your Generational System.

Six Program Options to Choose From

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12 Week Abuse Recovery Course
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