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Every 9 Seconds a woman is abused or assaulted

I use my power and my platforms as an author, speaker, trainer, and podcast host to become the voice for the voiceless women across Arizona and around the country whose stories and truths have been silenced by domestic and relational violence. 

We shine a light on their stories of perseverance and provide support and training to allow them to restore their confidence and find their own voices.

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About 9 Seconds

Nine Seconds Corporation is a progressive non-profit organization with an innovative approach to domestic violence prevention. The organization was founded to meet the needs of women and girls who are presently or who have previously been in abusive relationships. The objective is to give foster freedom from abuse by addressing the root cause and then equipping them with the resources and training they need to reclaim their independence and prevent future and ongoing violence. 

9 Seconds provides keynotes, workshops, and life skills classes that provide a variety of topics all geared toward domestic violence prevention. 

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TRIGGER WARNING: Contains some graphic images after domestic violence. 

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