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Your life will not change until you make the commitment to yourself to change it.

I used to weigh 386 pounds. I had co-dependency, self-esteem, and abandonment issues. I lost 200 pounds but clung tightly to my issues. I used food to dull my senses and I used sex and money to mask my insecurities and to attract and retain relationships. Until the day it all came crashing down and ended with me battered and bleeding from a domestic assault that could have ended my life. That day, was my rock bottom.

It took nearly being killed for me to admit that I had to change or my next encounter may be my last. I was forced to admit that I was/am the common denominator in my successes as well as my failures. AND SO ARE YOU! My objective is to provide you the tools and information that will prevent you from having to hit your own rock bottom.

As hard as it may be to hear and admit I assure you, it's great news because it means that you also hold the power to reclaim authority over your life, relationships, and career. 

But first you have to choose CHANGE!


About a decade ago I began to study holistic techniques that could be used to promote healing from past trauma and failures and develop sustainable positive life changes.


What I discovered was that with proper training aimed at empowering 3 basic life skills... sustainable change was not only possible, but it was inevitable. 

they are... mindset, emotions, and communication.

Mindset Mastery, it is difficult to control anything around you until you are in awareness, alignment, and ownership of your own thoughts and beliefs.

Emotion Management, employ strategies that will allow you to gain control of your emotions instead of allowing your emotions to drive your decisions. 

Clear & Confident Communication, learning to communicate effectively supports all of your efforts to make, maintain, and support your commitment to change your life.

The question then becomes how do you overwrite the years of teaching and indoctrination that have occurred thus far in your life and what information do you replace it with?

The solution... a simple, easy to execute 4-point blueprint

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Take a listen as Dr. Marci visits the Noble Success Podcast with Dr. David Banks and explains the Sustainable Life Change Blueprint and how you use it to manage change within your life. 

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If you are like most people, you are already aware that you need to make a few, if not a lot, of changes in your life. Commonly when you get to that place you begin beating yourself up for knowing but not doing anything about it, your self-talk turns negative, which leads to frustration and sometimes depression. In an effort to feel better you resort to many of the same thoughts, habits, and behaviors that you know are the source of many of your problems. 

You can't expect the things that caused the pain to heal the pain...


  • Life Change Management Support Coaching

  • Challenge To Change Program Facilitation

    • Substance Abuse Recovery​

    • Trauma Recovery

  • Abuse Prevention Training

  • Success Coaching

  • Critical Conversations Facilitation

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Author Coaching

Our 4-point blueprint is the missing link between staying stuck and making sustainable changes.

it allows you to finally have authority over your own life, freedom, and happiness. The coolest part, you already have the ability, you are lacking the support and a strategy. 

If you are open to addressing the root causes of your pain, dysfunction, and failures I invite you to accept the CHALLENGE TO CHANGE.
Let's chat...

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God gave me the framework, now it's up to me to build the house!