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Surviving the RAIN to Find the RAINBOW

Perfect book for you or a loved one who may be trapped in a cycle of abuse. 
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Making a SAFE EXIT

A practical guide to help survivors create an escape plan to exit an abusive relationship.   

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Dr. Marci Batiste sitting at with legs crossed and hands resting on her knees with her book Journey to Find Your Butterfly Potential on display table in front of her for her book launch in Dallas, TX at Power Networking Conference.
My Story

Basically, Healing and Recovery is my jam. If it were up to me I would probably just stop there because as an Author, Speaker, and Human Being, that is what matters most to me and that is where I direct all of my energy.  But over the years I have come to realize the readers and listeners, want to know more. In fact, they feel as though they need to know more. 

I could drop my bio here with the blah, blah, blah etc. but that tells you what I do not WHY I do what I do or how healing and recover came to be where I planted my social, ethical, and humanitarian flag.

Frankly my why is a much better read than my bio anyway. If I may say so myself. But my full bio is available if you're interested, just click HERE.

Now onto the juicy stuff. 

White Speckled Background

I grew up in the throes of abuse and addiction. They destroyed what would have been an otherwise pretty regular and unremarkable childhood and set in motion a pattern of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that would eventually end me up right back in the same place I had started. 

My stepfather was an alcoholic who beat my mother on a regular basis. The pattern was predictable, it started every Friday night and ran through Sunday afternoon when he/she/they/everyone would pretend everything was fine. It wasn't fine, my mom wasn't fine, and I surely was far from fine. This began when I was about 6 years old. When I was twelve, his younger brother molested me. He was in his twenties and he too, was an alcoholic. When he got high and/or drunk, he preyed on me. When he was done, he threatened me if I told anyone and then he convinced me that no one would ever believe me. I told one person, a cousin, she didn't believe me. He was right. I never told another sole for over 15 years. 

I ran away from home at 13 vowing THAT would never be my life. No physical beatings, no sexual abuse, and no alcoholics or addicts. It was during that time between 6 and 13 that I discovered that the written word was a tool. It was a way to express my thoughts and feelings to people who, would otherwise not listen. I learned that if I write it down, they will eventually read it. WRITING gave me power and a voice when I felt powerless and voiceless. I eventually returned home and finished high school and pursued journalism with a passion. Before college life happened and I thought my writing dreams were over. 

Fast-forward about 30 years, with a six-figure successful career in banking two amazing adult children and a tumultuous divorce under my belt and I found myself smack dab in the very shoes I vowed at 13 I would never walk in. 

I was in a relationship with an abuser and an alcoholic. How could I have not seen the signs? How did I become that girl? 

Those two questions my dear reader, set about a chain of events that changed everything in me and about me. And THAT is why Healing and Recovery is my freaking jam.

That is why I write, that is why I speak, that is why I develop and train curriculums for healing and recovery. I want anyone and everyone connected to me to know that they have can have a voice, they do have options. Healing and Recovery is available. 

My Books
Books available now


LOVE Miscarriage

Healing By Design

The Power of Fifty

Making a Safe EXIT

Surviving the Rain to Find the Rainbow

Journey to Find Your Butterfly Potential

Leverage the Leader in You

Secret Sauce To Writing a Great Book in 30 Days

My Life, My Faith, My Choices Journal

Challenge to Change 52 Week Journal

Mandala Coloring Book

for Adults

Coming Soon

SOBER Mind Sober Soul 

Missing Peace

The final story in the Love Miscarriage Trilogy

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"My favorite thing about our class with Dr. Marci is that it is an open and truly safe group conversation. We all participate."  

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November 2022

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