Marci Batiste

From every failure comes a seedling for success, but you must plant and nourish it to reap its harvest.

America's #1 Reality Based Success & Recovery Trainer

Keynotes, Books, and Coaching Solutions to ensure you
have the mindset, behaviors, and tools necessary to defeat your fears, and use your unapologetic NO to create your custom fitted life.

Re-writing the Narrative

Something amazing happened when I wrote my first book. I discovered the blueprint for moving from a place of victimization to one of Ultimate Power!

The truth is always the truth but the narrative that you choose to attach to it within your heart and mind will determine if those experiences will imprison you or empower you.

Writing is my respite. Since I was a young girl the pen and paper allowed me to be seen and heard in a world where I felt powerless and invisible. Writing allowed me to give an undeniable voice to my thoughts, pain, dreams and fears.

As I grew up, life happened and I thought that my dreams had been extinguished forever. 

Despite my challenges, the fire inside of me refused to be extinguished. Instead, I became the fire! Determined to re-write the narrative of pain into power and be the spark for others to ignite their own flame.  

My work now is to convert the life lessons and pain into inspirational books, empowering messages, useable tools, and life altering coaching programs that show other women how to find their voice and re-write the narrative for their healing journey.

If you are ready to create a foundation of wealth and wellness, I'm here to help!

Marci Batiste

My World, My Life, My Rules

Best Selling Author, Empowerment Speaker,

Wealth and Wellness Coach & Domestic Violence Champion

What I Specialize In

One on One Coaching

Mastermind Facilitation



Motivational Speaking

Domestic Violence Awareness


You are the common denominator in all of your life experiences, that means, you hold the Ultimate Power..... The Power of Choice!

I brought Marci in as a keynote speaker for our back-to-school training for our teachers. and other school staff. She customized her message to align to our focus areas as an organization. She was the favorite session for most participants. TOP NOTCH!

Starshine Academy, Phoenix AZ
Tammy G - Director

"Marci was a well versed, personable speaker with great energy and insight from her personal experiences. She definitely defines the words "real talk". Her message was the perfect training for our group of women and teenage girls

National Charity League, Tucson AZ
Shell S - Regional Director

"I just love how this coaching program focuses on our personal development along with our business development. A lot of other programs have made it seem like we shouldn't have a life, just a business. When you said to 'build the business to fund the life you want to live,' that changed so much for me."

The Soul's Poet, St. Louis MO
Yvette W - Founder